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Parental Home of Franz Stock

Parental Home of Franz Stock The Parental Home of Franz Stock is the
Memorial Site and Meeting Centre "Abbé Franz Stock"
Franz-Stock-Str. 18, D-59755 Arnsberg-Neheim


Franz Stock has grown up in this house. Here he experienced love and care and an open Christian spirit.

Schoolmates and friends often took part of this atmosphere and met in groups for discussions or for the manufacture of items for personal use. His helper were always also his brothers and sisters. The catholic youth movement broadened the horizon for Franz Stock. Thus young Frenchmen did not fail to be present in his parental home and lingered there.

After the death of parents and of Franz Stock his sister Franziska, who had also managed his household in Paris, was living in this house together with her husband Pierre Savi, painter and official advisor of the French Embassy’s cultural section in Bonn. Until the time of their change of residence to Berlin, the youngest sister of Franz, Theresia, was later living in this house. She transferred it to the church as foundation with the provisions, to maintain the ground floor as „Memorial Site and meeting centre Abbé Franz Stock”. This ground floor contains furniture and objects of Franz Stock out of his apartment in Paris, his pictures and books and documents as well as the studio of his brother in law Pierre Savi.



The house itself should be more than just a memorial site of with the character of a museum. It should be a meeting center, where people meet and converse with each other. During summer time the garden behind the house invites visitors to stay as it was customary for the long standing history of the Stock house. The memorial site and the meeting place is open for inspection by groups and individual persons subject to prior notification.


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